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ArborPro Utility is our newest software – a comprehensive solution allowing Utility agencies to run an effective vegetation management program. Utilities are tasked with clearing vegetation along utility rights-of-way on an ongoing basis. This mission-critical function cannot happen without an efficient way to track the process. Whether navigating feeders on a regular cycle or responding to individual problems, ArborPro Utility provides a single tool for it all.

Utility Software Screenshot

ArborPro Utility includes a field component for GPS data collectors and other handheld devices. As Utility Arborists follow a feeder, prescribed work about a tree, tree stand, or other area is entered. Customer and ownership data, tree size and species, and any special circumstances such as locked gates, dogs and other specifics are entered. This provides pin-point accuracy, saving Utility companies time, money, and most importantly vegetation-related fires and outages.

Municipal Neighborhood Software Screenshot