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Whether you are a Property Management Company or a committee member on your Home Owners Association, ArborPro can help you efficiently manage your properties tree population. We are not a tree trimming company, we are professional arborists who will give you a fair and detailed assessment of all the trees on the property. You do not want a tree trimming company to give you the recommended maintenance or condition of your trees, we feel this is a conflict of interest and is best handled by a third party Arborists.

Arborpro Benefits

  • Cost Savings – Save money by targeting specific needs
  • Liability – Maintain Work History Records to avoid tree related litigation
  • Monitor Maintenance Crews – Highlight maintenance responsibilities of Landscape Contractors
  • Environmental Benefits – Identify the Environmental Impact of Urban Forest
  • Arborist Consulting – Our team of Professional Arborist can provide consulting on any aspect of the Urban Forest.
  • Asset Valuation – Determine the overall monetary value of the Urban Forest
  • Mapping Tools – Maintain a precise map of all Assets and Trees on the Property
  • RFP Preparation – Produce precise RFP’s with detailed map and listing of trees to be pruned.
  • Long Term Maintenance Plan – Determine a multi-year pruning program maintained in the database
  • Public Outreach – Post data and pruning schedules on-line


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