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About Us

ArborPro Inc., provides our clients with a comprehensive GPS Tree Inventory and a state of the art tree inventory software program to assist you in the efficient management of your Urban Forest. The program utilizes the latest in GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to provide the user with an immediate visual representation of any tree in the Urban Forest.

Ease of Use

ArborPro, Inc. was developed by a team of Certified Arborists and GIS professionals. The ultimate development goal was an easy to use, powerful GIS tree inventory software program to assist our clients to efficiently manage their urban forests. The result is a GIS database program that is easy to use for field personnel and powerful enough for advanced spatial queries requested by GIS professionals. GIS staff can access the data in ArborPro and use it as a feature in the ArcGIS environment.

Map View

ArborPro, Inc. is a comprehensive GIS asset management database. The dynamic link between our database and mapping component sets us apart from the competition. Our mapping view provides the ability to view Full Extent, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Select Trees, Identify Trees, Create New Sites, Move Trees, Draw Polygons, Add Base Layers and perform Spatial Queries. Utilizing the Select Tool, the user can select a grouping of trees to request detailed information or to create a work order. This
capability can also be performed on mobile units such as tablets.
Municipal Neighborhood Software Screenshot

Tree Detail Form

The Tree Detail form provides the attribute information for each tree. This form is customizable based on the attributes that our clients request. The form also includes a representative photo of the tree specie and a link to add the actual photo of that tree. The ability to add your own photo creates a visual archive
for the tree.
Tree Detail

The Tree Detail Form also includes a mapping window and a work history detail. The mapping window provides the user with a variety of mapping tools, including; Full Extent, Zoom, Pan and Identify. The Identify tool selects the data associated with any tree that is selected on the map. The work history detail maintains all past history records. By selecting a record, the detailed work history appears on the tab. At the base of the form is a report tab that provides a printable detailed report for the tree that has been selected, it includes the location information, tree attributes, maintenance records, maintenance costs, map and tree photo.